Mugabe is busy and will only create jobs for Zimbabwe when he reaches 100 years says Zanu Official


Harare – Despite the failure by Zanu PF to create the 2.2 million jobs that it promised in its 2013 campaign manifesto, a ruling party official has said it is possible for Mugabe to achieve this feat even at 100.

President Mugabe turns 93 years in February next year and many analysts have described his age as a hindrance to the achievement of the country’s prosperity.

One of the issues that the Mugabe government has failed to achieve is the creation of employment with over 90% of Zimbabweans with no jobs.

Since winning the 2013 elections ending the inclusive government companies are closing down with thousands losing their jobs.

A supreme court ruling last year allowed employers to terminate contracts on three months contract, worsened the situation with 20000 people losing jobs within a week.

This has led to a number of Zimbabweans questioning the Zanu PF’s government’s sincerity in creating the jobs,.

But at a discussion organised by a local organization on reflections after last year’s supreme court ruling on three months notice on termination of employment contract, Zanu PF Bulawayo province deputy secretary for education Munashe Mtutsa said the government could still achieve the target.

“The Zanu PF promised in its manifesto that it will create $7.3 billion through the indigenization of 1138 companies across 14 sectors of the economy. A further sectors of the economy. A further $3 billion for physical infrastructure and 2 billion for social infrastructure. These initiatives will create 2.2 million jobs across key sectors of the economy. We are not yet in 2018 and can achieve this,” he said.

“Some unforeseen challenges such as liquidity crunch, financial crisis among other issues have made us delay to achieve the target. By 2018 we will have achieved these targets. People will have to judge us by then not just in three years,” said Mtutsa.

Asked if the age of the President could hinder the achievement of these targets Mtutsa said even at 100, Mugabe could still achieve this ambitious target.

“ It is not the age that creates jobs, it is the desire. You can have a 100 year old with the desire. The problem is people who think that employment is an event, it is not a event but a process and we will achieve that,” he added.

An informal trader Kizito Faradase Mpunga said it was impossible for Zanu PF to

“ Verbally he can say anything but practical he won’t achieve this. What can make him to do what he failed to do  for the past 36 years. If he was concerned with creating jobs he could have overruled the Chidyausiku ruling but he did nothing,” he said.

Another youth leader from the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube Shephard Dube said expecting Zanu PF to achieve its target was like a expecting a miracle.

“ I know as a country we are used to miracles happening. Unless Zanu PF are banking on a miracle this is impossible. We don’t expect a 92 year old to create jobs unless if it is the story of Sarah and Abraham. Since 1980 Zanu PF has never employed 1 million people how will it be possible in 2 years when they failed for 36 years,” said Dube.