Thousands of Zimbabweans pleade with UK Prime Minister to help with Mugabe


Harare – Over 1000 Zimbabweans have petitioned the United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister, Theresa May to identify and confiscate corruptly externalised assets in the UK and the EU used by the Mugabe government.

A number of ministers in the government of President Mugabe have their wealth in European countries and business interests yet they blame the western governments for the country’s economic woes.

However, resilient and dedicated Zimbabweans have written to the UK government demanding that the UK government puts pressure on Mugabe’s government.

“We, the undersigned and other more than 1,270 Zimbabweans (signatures attached), do here by submit the petition on behalf of Zimbabwe Citizens, opposition parties and friends of Zimbabwe to your distinguished office to put pressure on the government of Zimbabwe,” they said in the petitition.

The Zimbabweans requested that the office of the UK Prime identifies what was stolen by the Zanu PF big wigs and deal with the party according the Anti corruption London comminuqe.

“A petition letter calling on your office to assist Zimbabweans by identifying and confiscating corruptly externalised assets, including through money laundering by ZANU PF leadership to UK, EU and internationally in accordance with the Anti-Corruption London Communiqué of 2016,” read the petition.

They also requested that the UK government corner Mugabe on the deteriorating state of human rights in the country.

“A petition letter requesting your good office to put pressure on Mugabe and his ZANU PF government to stop human rights abuses, respect the rule of law and respect the will of Zimbabwe people to have free and fair elections,” they added.

They said that they had attached a detailed account of what they wanted addressed in a move that is likely to  rattle the under fire Mugabe government.

“A researched paper on the Zimbabwe crisis illustrating the historical and current issues in its governance, as well as human rights abuses and systemic torture is attached. See Annex A for further information.We the undersigned, on behalf of the people Zimbabwe,” they said.