Police under fire for brutal attacks on protesters and civilians



Harare – Opposition political parties in Zimbabwe under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) a coalition of political parties that seek to enforce electoral reforms have blasted the recent police brutality on citizens describing the move as shocking.

Police on Wednesday beat up protesting Zimbabweans who were demanding the government to rethink its decision to introduce bond notes.

NERA which is a coalition of over 7 political parties on Thursday said they victimization of peaceful protesters by the police was astonishing.

“On Wednesday a group of youths Tajamuka/Sesijikile went to the streets to vent their discontent at the government’s plans to introduce bond notes in order to loot the remaining bread-crumbs of a dying country,

“The demonstration was cleared by the High court. We are shocked that the police, in wanton disregard of the High court ruling descended heavily on the peaceful protesters, ran amok to beat ordinary citizens going about their normal business chores,” said NERA in a statement.

The political parties therefore warned the police against victimizing citizens saying they would also march against police brutality

“The National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) expresses total dismay at the brutal and lawless actions of the police to silence peaceful protesters. We are warning the police not to be used to brutalise their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers by a bankrupt and collapsing government that has no solution to the economic problems of the country,” they said.


We urge Zimbabweans to come out in fullness force on the 26th August to a peaceful MEGA demonstrations against amongst other evils, police brutality