Nox nude pics leaked to wife by bitter girlfriend


Harare – Popular urban grooves hitmaker, Nox, has had his explicit pictures leaked on social network giant Facebook by a bitter girlfriend who was involved in a online scuffle with the musicians wife earlier on.

Nox’s wife, known as Mai Guru on Facebook initially posted a picture of her husband with herself, saying she was the one and only one.

In response, the girlfriend responded ndewedu tese, which means he belongs to us all in English.

This is not the first time Nox has quoted controversy. Sometime last year, iHarare released screen-munched conversations of Nox demanding nude pics from a girl in South Africa.

The pictures included a disturbing picture of Nox’s junk.

His wife usually stands by his side, and has often times made fun of those that date him knowing he is married.

Her name Amai Guru directly translates to the first wife, or the queen.

The pictures have been deleted on Facebook.

As is our policy, we do not publish nude pics on the site, but you can view them on other sites.

Nox could not be reached for comment at this time.