Tajamuka hits back at UNICEF



Harare – Activist group #Tajamuka has hit back at UNICEF’s recent attack on the use of children at demonstration accusing the organisation of hypocrisy, saying UNICEF should not pacify the sitting government at the expense of the children it claimed to be representing.

The group noted that just as the ruling party had abused children UNICEF should have introspected before issuing the statement.
“President Mugabe, his wife and their party Zanu PF have often disrupted classes to bus children to augment depleted numbers at their rallies,” said the group.

“UNICEF has never said a word. During the 6th of July shutdown the Zimbabwe Republic Police teargased and killed a child in Makokoba high density area in Bulawayo and there was no word from UNICEF.”

The group said it was disturbing that UNICEF had failed to speak out against various incidents of child abuse by the government but was quick to criticise the Dzamara family who were only commemorating their loved one.

“The commemorations of Itai Dzamara’s 17 months since his disappearance was not a demonstration and the police, not the children, should never have come there,” they said.

The group vowed that Itai Dzamara’s children would participate in any future events to commemorate the disappearance of their father.

However, we never heard of a UNICEF ZIMBABWE statement condemning the tear gassing of children by Police in Makokoba recently. President Mugabe and his wife have often used state machinery and the power of incumbency to flood their functions with school going kids yet we have never heard a voice from UNICEF ZIMBABWE on this matter