Mutsvangwa’s son rape: Details emerge showing Kasukuwere ‘plotted allegations’


Roy Matambo

War veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa’s son, Neville, who is alleged to have raped a 43-year-old woman at his office, was reportedly set up in a move aimed at politically destroying his father Christ, the outspoken veteran of the liberation struggle.

Neville appeared before Harare magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe charged with two counts of rape and aggravated
indecent assault, allegations he has since denied. According to a report in the state controlled Herald, Neville raped a colleague only identified as Euginia before offering her $20. He was remanded to August 28 on $50 bail.

According to information from high placed sources the victim is attached to and is being handled by members of faction name Generation 40 (G40); a group of young turks who have coalesced around First Lady Grace Mugabe in a bid to illegally seize power before Robert Mugabe dies.

Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa was reportedly identified as a stumbling block in G40’s desired path, as they suspect and allege him to be fierce backer of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is the odds on favourite and people’s preferred choice to ascend to the presidency.

The rise of Emmerson Mnangagwa as a progressive leader who can turn around Zimbabwe’s demise has been met with strong resistance by the ‘young turks’ who have thrown the proverbial kitchen sink at him, and his alleged sympathizers, dumping Zanu PF into serious factional war that threatens to tear apart the entire party.

In recent months, junior members of the party fronting the G40 faction have attacked both Mnangagwa, and Mutsvanagwa, against party protocol, and common reason.

Barely a month ago, a damning communique was reportedly authored by the group, and quickly attributed to Mutsvangawa who was not in the country at the time. Sources close to the G40 group revealed that the ploy then was desired to set Mutsvangwa and Mugabe on a collision course, and inspired Mugabe into ordering Mutsvangwa’s arrest for charges related to treason.

Mutsvangwa has been vocal critic in the succession debate leading to his expulsion from both government and Zanu PF. His influence within the powerful war veterans association, his experience as a seasoned statesman and liberation war credentials are seen a barrier by the G40 faction.

After several plans to dethrone Mutsvangwa of his power, influence and credentials failed, strategists within the G40 camp reportedly devised a plan to attack Mustvangwa’s son, and / or allies, as a means of weakening him, and frustrating Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The victim’s conflicting statements, and lack of evidence were first to raise serious eyebrows, with police sources indicating that during interrogations, Euginia had revealed that she would only give statements after consultation with “handlers”.

A source who refused to be named stated that, “She shocked police when they asked her whether she was telling the truth or not leading to her divulging she has handlers,

Her own conduct after the court appearance also cast the allegations into serious doubt, and seem to give credence to the facts given by sources, as Euginia was seen celebrating in food, dance and alcohol at a local hotel in the company of what appeared security agents and high placed political figures.

Pictures recieved by the publication showed her in exorbitant dance, and in the company of Stanley Kasukuwere, a brother of Saviour Kasukuwere, and a man identified as the runner of the G40 faction.

Further investigations by this publication revealed that Neville Mutsvangwa may have also been the victim of grooming –  a sophisticated intelligence approach where a female is sent to lure a potential target and throw himself at him, or at least establish some form of a relationship, before turning the tables and screaming rape.

A close friend of the victim who refused to be named stated that the victim had romantically pursued Neville Mustavangwa since February of this year. During the time, she allegedly established consistent contact, with the goal of gathering physical evidence which would be produced and used during the rape trial.

A political analyst who spoke on condition of anonymity echoed a similar view, stating that it was mischievous that The Herald had run the story with Chris Mutsvangwa’s picture, when the accused person is a 36 year old adult. He stated that, it was clear that the story and the allegations were targeted at Chris Mustvangwa, with the hope of embarrassing him.

“They are trawling through the national criminal code picking and trying to paste one popped up charge after another. First it was a treason accusation over war vet communique touted in his absence, now it’s rape through agency of hapless relation.”

The analyst added that Zimbabweans needed to worry, as there seemed no end to G40’s actions which he argued were akin to capture of the state.

“What shall be next?  And shall they do the same to gamut of state agencies including all important military personnel who now echo Mutsvangwa’s accusations of state capture by puerile G40 would be power grabbers”