‘Not A Hero Mugabe’ will not be buried at Heroes Acre


Harare – Former Zanu PF Mash Central Chairperson Godfrey Tsenengamu who has been recently expelled from the party said President Robert Mugabe has privatised the party and that it will be difficult for him to find a place on the Heroes Acre, during his Press statement today in Harare.

The youngster who has been in Zanu PF’s system of atrocity for some time now is said to have expelled because he side-lined with the Vice President Emmerson Munangagwa who has been named all sorts of names by President Robert Mugabe’ allies for leading a faction.

He was recently charged with inciting public violence and provoking President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace but stood up today to clear his name and plead to the nation for what he did during the period he was visually impaired to this regime

“…..Yes I took part as many others did and innocently we were part to that moment of madness and I regret……”

“…….Personally I was one of President Mugabe’s dogs of war, we defended his rule as we thought that we were doing the right thing for the part and the nation, little did we know we were grooming and nurturing an Ian Smith who would turn to haunt us”

Tsenengamu told journalists that he will not allow President Robert Mugabe to use him anymore doing evil to the country and personalising the party.

Also he apologised for attacking the Former Vice President Joice Mujuru, Nicholas Goche, Minister Sekeramayi during his friendly relationship with the President citing that he was following orders

“I am sorry for what I did to innocent fellow comrades ………all we did to them was a practised peace with the President……..he was behind all those factions”

Publicly today he said that he remain a member of Zanu PF and appealed to the President’s daughter Bona so that she could try and turn her father’s heart

“I am sorry to drag you into these political issues but I don’t have any option…. Please may you on our behalf engage Daddy and make him see reason in resigning while they are still few who can respect and hold him high dearly for they shall be none soon for if he can’t realise that he has passed his best before date…….he faces an embracement in the next poll……and will find it difficult to find a place at Heroes Acre” he said.