Simba Makoni made new opposition coalition leader


Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Mavambo/ Kusile/ Dawn (MKD) leader Simba has taken over as the new leader of the Coalition of Democrats (CODE) and is deputized by Professor Welshman Ncube (MDC leader).

CODE is a coalition of 6 opposition political parties in Zimbabwe who want to lead the country.

Six political parties that are part of the coalition include the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) led by Elton Mangoma, two fringe political parties DARE led by the coalition’s outgoing President Gilbert Dzikiti and Farai Mbire’s ZUNDE , Makoni’s MKD and Ncube ‘s  MDC.

Dzikiti has been leading the party for the past 2 months but has not had much impact in terms of visibility of the coalition but the parties on Tuesday announced Ncube and Makoni were taking over.

“Coalition Of Democrats (CODE) agreement states that the chairmanship of the agreement rotates after every two months in alphabetical  order of member parties. It is in that spirit that President Gilbert Dzikiti is replaced by President Simba Makoni of MKD as chairperson of CODE,” read the statement.

Professor Welshman Ncube was the Minister of Industry in the government of National Unity whilst Simba Makoni is the country’s former Finance Minister.

The appointment of the two gentlemen could be a move by the coalition members to add value to the coalition as the two are more prominent.

The parties revealed that Dzikiti had faced challenges describing his challenges as having faced ‘ birth pains and needed immediate.

“President Dzikiti indeed faced the birth pains and immediate nursing of CODE at a critical time in the history of Zimbabwe. Indeed CODE leaders namely President Welshman Ncube, President Elton Mangoma,President Farai Mbira and President  Simba  Makoni chose to unite for the people of Zimbabwe,” said the statement read by the party.

Below is the list of the new leadership within the coalition:

1,Mavambo Kusile Dawn has taken over the chairmanship of the Finance and Administration Committee deputised by Movement for Democratic Change MDC.

2,MDC takes over Organising deputised by Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe RDZ

3,International and Diaspora Relations will for the next two months under the armpits of Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe RDZ deputised by ZUNDE.

4,Media,Information and Publicity has been taken over by the MDC and deputised by DARE.

5,Elections will be chaired by DARE and will be deputised by Mavambo Kusile Dawn MKD.

6,Policy Research and Advocacy will for the next two months be chaired by MKD and assisted by MDC

7,Women’s group will for the next two months be chaired by MDC that will be assisted by RDZ

8,Youth committee will be under the custody of RDZ