Its not the economy that is a problem, its Mugabe: Acie Lumumba


Youth leader and political activist, Acie Lumumba has broken his silence and availed a detailed analysis and update through VIVA Zimbabwe.

This is an update on Viva Zimbabwe for the month July:

As you are aware we had a press conference on 30 June to announce we will be launching a youth political front in September this year.

UNFORTUNATELY since the day we have lost a lot of time to Zanu PF through their use of state organs to frustrate our activities, myself and members of the party have been detained, arrested and frustrated all throughout the month.

I want to focus this update on 1 particular area, the state off our political space.

I do this with the understanding that there is nothing wrong with the Zimbabwean economy, however they is everything wrong with the people in charge of it; so if we change the people running the economy we change how the economy is being run.

We are 24 months before he next general election, where and how we vote or don’t vote will determine the next chapter of the Zimbabwean story.

I am pretty sure the people of this county are now clear who they are NOT going to vote for, the trouble is it is still unclear who they will vote for INSTEAD, and it’s simple, mainstream opposition parties have no real message for this NEW generation of Zimbabweans, young people are not looking for a political party full of old ideas and old people, young people are looking for a political party full of young LEADERS and NEW IDEAS, for this reason VIVA Zimbabwe is being setup to be the YOUTH political voice.

It’s time to introduce some new talent and ideas in politics, we are ready to accommodate those young people; the young people who have left out so many times for so long.

Our youth have been running a journey with no end and everyday their legs grow weary, they aspire and aspire until they are TIRED of aspirating, they aspire for opportunities, but opportunities are not there, they aspire to start businesses but banks say their YOUTH is not bankable, they aspire to get a job but they are told they don’t have experience, they aspire for political participation but they are told sorry, we are closed for business, ZANU PF has now robbed the youth of the country from even their aspirations hence I am part of a generation who can be best described as the walking dead as we are already dead most of us will never buy a house a car or attain any of our dreams as this country goes down the doldrums of economic irrelevance we are dead already ,this why we are not afraid anymore.

There is a pain existing in this country that is so deep and raw; you can see it in the faces of the war veterans who are being terrorized by state, the youth who number outside Lindas MUSARIRA court room protesting for her freedom, the church groups singing outside the courthouse in solidarity with Pastor Evan, the civil servants lining bank queues from as early as 4am in the morning till day end to be told, sorry NOT today.

Everyone is hurting, you should ask yourself why you DONT feel it when we all do. I wish to send a message of solidarity to the war veterans, their argument is right, these are men and women who forewent the chance to go ahead in life so they risk it to ensure YOU and I COULD, today Robert Mugabe calls them sell outs, but let’s put this into perspective may we?

War veterans made a promise to lay their life for the freedom of this country, they kept that promise, they where not selfish, once done they HANDED the country into the hands of civilians, Robert Mugabe made a promise to ensure war veterans would SHARE in the benefit of a LIBERATED Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe spends more on monthly maintenance of his house than he does on the healthcare of men and women who got injured in service. Check the records, there is 4 times More money spent on state house maintainance than on the welfare of our founding fathers, whose the sell out?

Robert Mugabe promised LAND, he FAILED on the promise , land reform program is starting to look like a joke, too many farms owned by people who either have no interest to farm or can’t afford to farm, whose the sellout? You promised 2.2 million jobs, the economy has since lost 212 000 jobs, performing at its worst and getting into more debt by the day, whose the sell out?

You promised the youth empowerment, this is the MOST disempowered generation this country has ever had,we don’t own anything, we import more maize than a country at war, we don’t even own our freedom, we don’t want free giveaways, we want to work for ourselves, we don’t want speeches, we want jobs, we don’t want rallies, we want debates, we want to call you out on your broken promises without being charged with treason, we want to hold you accountable without bring charged with undermining your authority, you are undermine our intelligence everyday,, whose the sellout?

You promised the country indigenization, 15 billion dollars vanished, whose the sellout? You brutalized war veterans when they protested last year and this year you have star.

  • Official VIVA Zimbabwe