Lumumba praises Mujuru, Tsvangirai, says Nelson Chamisa should be president in 2018


Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Former Zanu PF Harare youth leader Acie Lumumba has endorsed the MDC-T Vice president Nelson Chamisa as the candidate for the 2018 elections while recognizing the role played by Morgan Tsvangirai whom he describing as a ‘champion of democracy’.

Nelson chamisa was appointed as the MDC-T Vice President by the party’s President two weeks ago and has received praised from within and outside the MDC-T.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon Lumumba noted that Chamisa was a ‘brilliant’ young man who need the support of Zimbabweans and who had proven he was capable of taking Zimbabwe forward.

“ Nelson Chamisa is the god father of all the people who will be 40 years by the year 2018. VIVA Zimbabwe will push for the Chamisa presidency, we hope Chamisa runs for the presidency in the year 2018,” said Chamisa.

“We recognize with exceptional note the promotion of Nelson Chamisa to be Vice President of MDC T, and we congratulate him on his promotion,” he said in a statement.

Lumumba further said they was no need for Zimbabweans to prove whether Chamisa was good or not the record he had set in his constituency had shown that he had the capabilities to rule Zimbabwe.

“ Before i left Zanu PF I knew who Chamisa was. I knew him from a distance, but did not know him personally. You don’t need to know Nelson to know he is gifted… Politics ought to make a space for people like Nelson, I think he is very practical,“ said Lumumba.

Commenting on the current opposition leaders Lumumba said they had no message for the young people describing ZIM PF leader Mujuru as God fearing while he said Tsvangirai was a ‘champion of democracy’.

“ Zanu PF will destroy itself, its either some people will be kicked out or will leave Zanu PF. Mai Mujuru is a very solid woman who is very prayerful, extremely prayerful. As for Tsvangirai I was told of him as someone who is very ugly and didn’t know what he stood for but in fact he is champion of democracy, something which almost cost his life and that of his family, but their message does not resonate with the youth,” he said