Police disperse protesting jobless graduates


Mlondolozi Ndlovu

The Zimbabwe republic police officers on Wednesday afternoon dispersed demonstrators and journalists who covered the event where the graduates were marching in demand of the 2.2 million jobs promised by the government of Zimbabwe.

During its 2013 campaign the Zanu PF manifesto stated that the party would give 2.2 million jobs to the unemployed Zimbabweans.

The coalition of Unemployment Graduates last month applied for a clearance to hold a demonstrations in request for the 2.2 million jobs promised by the government but were denied.

The Unemployed graduates joined the anti Bond Notes demonstrations were collapsed into one procession. Not more than 1000 people came for both events.

They managed to bring business at the government complex to a standstill and civil servants gathered at the Ministry balcony to watch the show.

They however went on with the demonstration as they sighted the constitution of Zimbabwe as giving them the right to do so but were to be dispersed by the police as they got towards parliament.

Speaking to this reporter one of citizens who attended the unemployed graduates said it was clear the police were a major stumbling block to Zimbabwe’s freedom of association as they allowed themselves to be used.

“ We are ashamed by the behaviour of the police and in beating us up and throwing tear gas at us when they are having economic challenges where they are not getting their salaries on time, they are a hindrance to our freedom,” said Tineyi Masunda who is now a graduate but studied Engineering at the university of Zimbabwe.


Among the journalist who were assaulted included ALjazeer’s Haru Mutasa,freelance  Chris Mahove,and Tony Manyangadze and female journalist who with the Financial Gazzete Idah Mhetu.

Writing on her facebook page Mhetu said she was disappointed at the police’s behaviour.

“Today was assaulted by poor and hungry looking police officers who are trying to protect a government that doesn’t even care about them….. ndafunga kujamuka kana neni nxa,” she said.

Journalist Haru Mutasa’s confirmed she was beaten up” I only got two hard claps with a batton stick but others i worse off,” she said