Mnangagwa battered in public


Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Zanu PF Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has for the first time been fingured as leading the Team Lacost faction within the fractured ruling party.

At a meeting held at the party’s headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, the Manicland minister of Province Mandi Chimene bold declared Mnangagwa was a faction leader.

The meeting which was attended by largely a youthful audiences who were mainly comprised of youths declared that the war veterans who wrote the damning manifesto to Mugabe be expelled from the party and the association.

While Mugabe did not openly attack Mnangagwa his endorsement to Mandy Chimene as the Acting war veterans chairperson despite a high court order barring her from interfering in war veterans matters all but confirmed Mnangagwa.

The ‘new’ war veterans Chairperson Chimene boldly mentioned Mnangagwa as the architect of the failed Tsholotsho declaration, saying he was now leading Lacoste.

“They started way back when we heard of Tsholotsho..we have nurtured it…Its now here again. If people are smart they create something that looks like his. The person who create Lacoste also created G40. I know Lacoste and its leader. I am being accused of being a G40 but I don’t know my leader,” said Chimene

“What was known as Tsholotsho was led by Cde Mnangagwa, this Lacoste is now led by Cde you seat there you are now two Governments because some ministers are known to be supporters of Cde Mnangagwa,” she added.

The VP who is also the Minister of Justice and is usually refered to as ‘The crocodile was ordered to come out clean as they was no place for ‘crocodiles in Zanu PF,’ she said.

“Zanu PF now needs culling like animals…crocodiles should go to the river.. they cannot be in Zanu PF because Zanu PF is not a river,” said Chimene who was announced as the acting leader of the war veterans.

Chimene urged President Mugabe to call for a special congress to eliminate Mnangagwa and those who support him saying if it didn’t happen then it was better to chase him.