Academics call for Transitional authority


Mlondolozi Ndlovu

A group of academics under the Platform of Concerned Citizens (PCC) has called for the government to Zimbabwe to step aside and allow for a national transitional authority.

The group which include scholars from the university of Zimbabwe and other institutions throughout Africa calls itself ‘concerned’ citizens’ is demanding a non-partisan NTA to replace the government.

The government is currently faced with a crisis of gigantic proportions where almost half of the adult population in Zimbabwe is unemployed, corruption, economic collapse and a crisis of legitimacy.

Addressing the media the group’s coordinater Ibbo Mandaza was next Tony Reeler and Briggs Bomba as they called for the non elected NTA.

“  We are of the view that only a National Transitional Authority (NTA) underwritten by the citizenry, the churches, the civics and the political parties, will be able to lead us through a period of key reform and economic stabilization to genuine elections, and finally a legitimate government,” said the PCC in a statement.

The group said the current solution could not be solved by waited for the 2018 election or another government of national unity but reforms were necessary.

“ We are of the opinion that no election in the current political climate , whether called early or in 2018, can resolve the crisis. The lessons of the GPA and the inclusive government are fresh in the minds of all, and the absence of any genuine will to reform the state doomed that initiative,” they said.

The members of this organization noted that their idea would need wide consultation among different Zimbabwean citizens and needed endorsement from regional bodies such as SADC and AU.

“ The National Transitional Authority is as the name suggests, an initiative of the nation as a whole, does not belong to any partisan group, requires the mandate of the people, and needs to be endorsed and supported by SADC, the AU and the wider international community,” they said.