Breaking: #ThisFlag Pastor Freed (Charges Dropped)


Harare – PastorĀ Evan Mawarire, the charismatic preacher and leader of protests against Robert Mugabe’s government has been freed after charges against him were dropped. He was being charged with attempting to overthrow Robert Mugabe.

FREE: Zimbabwe's Martin Luther is a free man
FREE: Zimbabwe’s Martin Luther is a free man

Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag was arrested after reporting to Harare Central Police station yesterday morning, after detective had invited him over for questioning.

Upon arrival Evan Mawarire was promptly arrested, and accussed of stealing a Zimbabwe republic police baton stick and an anti riot helmet.

Police executed a search warrant at his place, where they turned the place outside down but could not find a single shred of evidence.

Earlier this morning, Zimbabwe authorities amended the charges they had tabled against him, and instead charged the pastor with subversion – a crime which is closely linked with treason in Zimbabwe.

However the day was characterised by ridiculous games of wit from the state of Zimbabwe, with the Investigating Officer at one point delaying the trial after claiming he forgot the charge sheet at his place of residence.

A massive stay away planned by Mawarire before he was arrested flopped, as most people reported for work. But as news trickled in of the court games Zimbabweans began to leave their places of residence, and flocked the courts.

By afternoon, Newsday reported that as many as over a thousand people had gathered and were singing songs of war.

FREE: Zimbabwe's Martin Luther thanks Zimbabweans for their support.
FREE: Zimbabwe’s Martin Luther thanks Zimbabweans for their support.

Police formed a human shield around the courts to try and prevent a bad situation, but by 1800 the numbers had easily surpassed 5,000.

As court delays proceeded, the people gathered began to mobilize and threaten to storm the chambers and release him.

Finally after 1900, in a landmark judgement, the magistrate in Court number 6 at Rotten Row ruled that Evan Mawarire should be freed.

He has now been released.

More to follow….