Man sentenced to death for killing hired motorist


Harare – A 28-YEAR-OLD Gokwe man has been sentenced to death after he was convicted of killing a motorist he had hired on the pretext he wanted to go and pay lobola to his in-laws.

High Court judge, Justice Tawanda Chitapi sent Patrick Moyo to the gallows after convicting him of murdering Keniard Doro with actual intent.

The court heard Doro went missing in January last year, but his remains were recovered in August after Moyo volunteered and made indications to the police, leading them to a cave, where he had buried his victim’s body.

Doro was killed in a gruesome manner and Justice Chitapi failed to find any extenuating circumstances warranting Moyo to serve a prison term.

According to evidence presented in court, much of which was volunteered by the condemned convict, Doro was last seen on January 20, 2015 after he was hired at St Alberts business centre by Moyo on the pretext that he wanted to be driven to Mount Darwin.

The court heard, Moyo lied to Doro he wanted to go and pay lobola, but would have to pick up his father and colleagues along the way.

Justice Chitapi heard, after picking up his friends, Moyo instructed Doro to drive through Hereford Farm in Centenary claiming he wanted to pick up his father at a certain plot.

However, upon getting to Riva Stream, Doro failed to cross using his vehicle, a Toyota Ipsum, and they all agreed to go on foot, but along the way, Moyo’s accomplice, still at large, knocked down the now deceased with a knobkerrie.

Realising he was unconscious, they carried him to a nearby bush, where they tied his hands to a tree and the legs to the other, leaving him suspended, as they proceeded to steal his car, which they drove to Centenary.

Some days later, Moyo and his hired driver, Evans Mapundu, were arrested at a police roadblock and upon being ordered to produce the registration book, they failed and the vehicle was impounded.

Determined to get the vehicle back, Moyo returned to where he had left Doro, found him still alive, and asked him for the vehicle registration book and was directed to collect it from his (Doro) home.

The court heard, Moyo stole a police uniform, and proceeded to Doro’s house, but was denied the registration book, with the relatives saying their family member was missing. A few days later, Moyo returned to where he had left Doro and found him dead and he carried his body to a nearby cave and covered it with stones.

He was later arrested when police recovered the vehicle with his hired driver.

  • Newsday