Breaking: Zim govt charges #ThisFlag Pastor with attempting to topple government


Harare – Zimbabwean authorities have changed/amended charges pressed against Pastor Evan Mawarire to subverting a constitutional government in contravention of Section 22 (2) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

#ThisFlag’s leader had earlier been charged with inciting public violence, and theft of a police baton stick and a helmet which the police say is missing.

Latest charges are Zimbabwe;s equivalent of treason, and the pastor could now face the death penalty.

The amendments have been confirmed by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.


Official Charge Sheet: Request for remand

Charge sheet: Official docket, Evan Charged with Subversion
Charge sheet: Official docket, Evan Charged with Subversion

This is what Zimbabwe law says about Subversion.

22: Subverting constitutional government

(1) In this section “coercing” means constraining, compelling or restraining by

(a) physical force or violence or, if accompanied by physical force or violence or the threat thereof, boycott, civil disobedience or resistance to any law, whether such resistance is active or passive; or

(b) threats to apply or employ any of the means described in paragraph (a);“unconstitutional means” means any process which is not a process provided for in the Constitution and the law.

(2) Any person who, whether inside or outside Zimbabwe

(a) organises or sets up, or advocates, urges or suggests the organisation or setting up of, any group or body with a view to that group or body

(i) overthrowing or attempting to overthrow the Government by unconstitutional means; or

(ii) taking over or attempting to take over the Government by unconstitutional means or usurping the functions of the Government;


(iii) coercing or attempting to coerce the Government;


(b) supports or assists any group or body in doing or attempting to do any of the things described in subparagraph (i), (ii) or (iii) of paragraph (a);

shall be guilty of subverting constitutional government and liable to imprisonment for a period
not exceeding twenty years without the option of a fine.

More to follow…