Anonymous Launch Worldwide Attack Against Robert Mugabe & Zim Govt


Harare – International Hacktivist Group, Anonymous, which is famous for hacking Donald Trump and leaking his information, as well as taking down ISIS online has launched a worldwide operation against President Robert Mugabe and the entire Zimbabwean Government.

Anonymous has called on all its splinter groups to target Robert Mugabe’s government websites, launching the largest cordinated effort against any sitting government in the history of internet hacktivism.

Anonymous joined #ShutDownZimbabwe yesterday afternoon and promptly took down Potraz, Ministry of ICT, Zanu PF and ZBC websites for over 4 hours.

Millions of Zimbabweans on Twitter and Facebook cheered the hacker group on, and felt it was fair game, given that the government had switched off popular Instant Messenger Whatsapp off in the early mornings of yesterday.

The websites remained hard to access and loaded at slow speeds, as slow as 1 to 2 minutes till this morning.

At the time of writing, the official website for the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) was still under Distribution of Denial of Service (DDos) attack. A method of attack where hackers simultaneously flood a website or its server with traffic until it crashes.

The Zimbabwean government woke up to a sharp u-turn, denying that it ever played a role or a part in the shutting down of whatsapp, but still endorsed a threat published by POTRAZ warning social media users that sharing information about riots and protests would lead to arrest.

The government is blaming social media for fanning protests, which is totally ironic and a stern reversal from a position they echoed a few months ago, where they dismissed social media protests, as just protests.

It remains to be seen if the government will respond to the threat posed by Anonymous, and its call for a widespread international attack.

In previous years, the government has failed to deal with any attacks on its assets in any form. From 2009, the websites of The Herald, state broadcaster ZBC, Zanu PF, and government wesbites (ZTA, Ministries, and Military) have been attacked by various splinter groups.