Protesters Say More “stay aways” until Mugabe goes


Harare- Tajamuka, a Harare youth group which claims to have organised the shutdown that happened in the country has said more action will continue until President Mugabe hid to their call to step down.

Addressing a press conference in Harare Tajamuka spokesperson Promise Mkhwananzi praised Zimbabweans for what he said was a show of courage to the cruel government.

“Salutations, respect and many thanks to Zimbabweans for their courage against a vicious system in the form of Zanu PF,” he said.

“We demand Mugabe to step down. Mugabe is now the sticking point because of his long incumbency in power reforms are impossible. We promise more stay aways, more action more demonstration,” he said.

Mkhwananzi said the showdown was a success and had shaken the ruling party shown by its change of salary dates.

“They is no doubt that the stay away was a success, shocking those in the corridors of power. The evidence of this is the panic in the government giving specific dates when they will pay salaries for those in the health sector,” he said.

He said they will continue pressing the government.

“We are not going back in pressing the government until it gives in to our demands. Police must exercise restraint,” adding the former student leader.

The leader of the group which is represented by the 14 political parties gave a various number of demands to President Mugabe.

“We demand that Mugabe must deliver a time lined transition, reverse the important duty law, implement electoral reforms, implement the new constitution, return back the missing Itai Dzamra, stop police brutality and stop  the road blocks, abandon the bond notes, account for the 15 billion and root out corruption,” he said.

Report by local correspondent Mlondolozi Ndlovu