Opposition parties give node to demonstrations


Harare, 5 July 2016- Zimbabwe’s political parties have come in full support of the current wave of demonstrations noting that there was need for peaceful action against the failed Mugabe government.

Zimbabwe has been rocked with a demonstration that has seen members of the public rioting and beating up police officers in Beitbridge, Ruwa, Mabvuku and Epworth.

Addressing a press conference, the Zimbabwe people first led by the former Vice President Joice Mujuru delivered messages of solidarity the demonstrators.

“Protesters are not illegal, let the protests continue peacefully without any violence,” said the fearless former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

The opposition leader said they was need for the people of Zimbabwe should start afresh and choose a new leader out of freedom.

“Let the people choose a new leader to start afresh. The people should choose what they want, not out of fear. The people of Zimbabwe know what they want,” she said.

“It is the duty of the police to take care of the demonstrators, for the demonstrators are the government. The work of the police is to keep the demonstrators safe, the demonstrators should do so in peace,” she said adding the government should address the cause of the demonstrations.

The National Constitutional Assembly (NAC) led by the constitutional lawyer Lovemore Madhuku said while they were worried about police brutality.

“The NAC party notes with great concern the barbaric attacks on civilians by the police. As a party we are greatly concerned whether these ‘armed police officers are really members of the police force,” said the NAC in a statement.

The law expert said they was need for the police officers to exercise restraint on the citizens saying all police officers in police uniforms ought to respect people’s freedom.

“The public must fully be aware that anyone in a police uniform must behave accordingly and once they start unleashing violence on citizens they are surely not police officers. We urge all Zimbabweans to exercise their freedom to demonstrate against anything they want addressed by the authorities,” he said.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Tendai Biti also supported the initiative.

“The people’s democratic party would like to express their solidarity with the citizens of Zimbabwe who have spontaneously decided to take matters into their own hands to end their misery under the Zanu PF tyranny,” said the PDP in a statement.

“We support as a party any effort by the suffering masses of Zimbabwe to put an end to the state sponsored destitution , starvation, joblessness, hopelessness and the impoverishment of our people by a vampiric rogue regime that survives on pillaging and plundering the national resources,” said PDP.

The RDZ  led by Elton Mangoma said this was a sign of anger and hunger by Zimbabweans.

“As RDZ we applaud the people who are angry and hungry and concerned with Zanu PF as they continue with some arrogance and it’s not healthy for this country. People are justified in expressing their anger towards the government,” said the former Minister of Energy in an interview with this reporter.

ZAPU led by liberation stalwart Dumiso Dabengwa said while they were not condoning the violence it was disheartening to note that they was

“ The arrogant Zanu PF regime has rejected any reasonable response to the plight of our people. Just like Ian Smith of Rhodesia saw no majority rule in this country in a thousand years, Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime believe that military might will be forever protect their greed and looting,” said its spokesperson Mjobisa Noko.

“ ZAPU therefore deplores the destructive attitude of Mugabe regime. ZAPU calls on Zimbabweans to observe the laws of the country  and respect property rights as the nations gets rid of an anti-people regime and its reactionary governance system.

Meanwhile in a press statement the war vets led by Christopher Mutsvangwa said the protests will government the importance of listening to people’s grievances

However political analyst Richard Mahomva said what was happening in Zimbabwe was a result of the contradictions in the country’s democracy.

“Like in many democracies, what is happening is a result of the contradictions. The problem is how these are being done,” he said.

He said people should go to work and avoid violent confrontation as this would result in economic collapse warning against confrontations expected on Wednesday.

“People should go to work, not increase economic collapse. It’s strategic for people to work together and give their grievances peacefully,” he said.

Another analysts who preferred anonymity said Zimbabweans have been pacified and it was going to be difficult continue with demonstrations, but lauded the initiative.

“They have been zombified. They are zombies. I doubt if they will all come out in their numbers I will be very happy if they come out of their shell and confront the illegitimate government,” he said.

Local correspondent, Mlondolozi Ndlovu