Zim’s new generation breaking new ground: The RPeels Mwana WaPharaoh story


Harare – Zimbabwe’s music scene has new faces, new voices, and new beats. It had to. Its almost 20 years since the birth of Urban Grooves and the arrival of David Chifunyise, Decibel, Innocent Utsiwegota, Stunner, Rocky, Take 5, and many many more.

If you put that into perspective, a 21 year old Decibel in 2000 would be nearing 40 years of age now. Time changes too, and we have a new generation of teens now, who groove to their own sounds.

One of the new stars of the new generation is R Peels Mwana wa Pharaoh (no relation to biblical pharaoh). He is Hip-Hop Emcee whose shot to fame is his unique diction, and a killer clothing line that celebrates “the child of a King” – “Mwana Wa Pharaoh”

Our entertainment editor managed to hunt him down, and have a quick chat with him about his music, success, his clothing line, and of course, all the things we ask the stars.

“I am firstly an Artist,Fashion Persona and an Entrepreneur, I’ve also decided to start a family or label or association that will have this name on all our products from music, clothing to general ideas.” he responded, when we asked him to “go deeper” on his person.

R.peels is a 21 year Rapper from Harare, his music has been doing well since his 2015 release of his “EP” called Forgive My Honesty, which got him nominated for Zimba Nice Online Awards. He duly won the Best Newcomer Award.

21 year old R.Peels has been praised for his work ethic, and uniquely original style.
21 year old R.Peels has been praised for his work ethic, and uniquely original style.

He took the streets by storm with mature well packed messages that defy his very young age.

Songs like Hunhu Hwenyu & Where did king Go got him a lot of respect from hip-hop vanguards and fans too.

Early this year he released a single called “Usazvifurire” which features Noble Stylz who is respected for his Lyricism and comic fame as the satire character Papa (A hard hitting truth telling online parody that gives cutting edge socio-political analysis).

The song received a positive response and then Peels did a Promotional video notifying that he will be releasing the video for the song.

The Usazvifurire Music video came out recently,on the 8th of June. It received a massive response and it hit a 1000+ views in 5 days.

But thats all in the past, what about what we can expect from the future from him, well:

“More Music from me and the MwanaWaPharaoh fam,including videos too,if year goes well we will launch the Clothing with a cocktail Party because the Streets are mentioning the MwanaWaPharaoh clothing among other popular brands and I’m honoured.”

WATCH R.Peels Video Below


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