Lumumba Lays Into Robert Mugabe


By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, – Former Zanu PF Harare Hatfield losing parliamentary candidate Acie Lumumba (27) on Thursday announced the formation of a new party, laying into President Robert Mugabe sending him an ‘f’ word declaring he was determined to fight the current system.

The new party which he called VIVA- Zimbabwe was launched at a local hotel and attended by a number of youths from across the political divide.

The party noted it will look for a 40 year old candidate to take on Mugabe head on at the 2018 plebiscite seen it consisted of largely youthful membership.

Speaking at the event Lumumba threated the head of state saying he had not seen Zimbabweans getting angry at the poverty he had subjected them to, saying the future of the youth had been stolen.

“I want to say to President Mugabe you have never really seen Zimbabweans angry,” said Lumumba who walked away from Zanu PF after fallout with Minister of Indigenisation Patrick Zhuwawo.

Going out of his way Lumumba declared that he had cut ties with his former boss President Mugabe saying he was now drawing a line.

“So here is the red line”, he said before pausing.

“Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. f*ck you. I have drawn the line, our kids are in trouble,” said the former Harare youth council chairperson amid applause from members of the public.

Lumumba said he no longer cared what the president would do to him saying he would instead revenge if any harm was inflicted on him.

“It’s a red line. I know, I know and my name is Lumbumba Lumumba Lumumba. I say it three this three times, so that you don’t forget get it, come get me. Here is the thing, upon getting me, I am someone’s child a war veterans’ child.  You touch me,” thundered Lumumba

“You can touch me but I hope you live longer because God for bid, if you don’t live long I will gun for your kids,” he said.

He said his party would be a new vehicle for youth opportunities as it had lied to the millions of Zimbabweans.

“VIVA Zimbabwe is a vehicle to unlock your opportunities, I was abused by Zanu PF, I was in an abusive relationship. In a relationship you tell each other things and promises. I joined Zanu PF with hope 2.2 million jobs will be created. That’s what I was told by Zanu PF,” he said.

He said he won’t be standing for election in 2018.

“I am unveiling a new political feature in the country, I won’t stand for any post in this next elections,” said Lumumba.

He said getting into Zanu PF was a learning curve and that they was  a lot of lies within the ruling.

“I don’t apologise for going into Zanu PF, it was like getting into a relationship. Zanu PF told me they were going to create job and better people’s lives, but they lied,” said the youthful leader.

Lumumba said his party will officially start its activities in September so that we can have an inflow of talent.

He confessed that he was corrupt while in Zanu Pf saying Zanu Pf was a murderous party a feature which he said made him distaste the ruling party.


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