10 political parties approach brother of missing activist Dzamara with offers


By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Patson Dzamara who is the brother to the missing journalist cum activist Itai Dzamara, has made sensational claims that political parties are luring him to join them but said he would not take any offers.

Patson Dzamara is an activist who has risen to prominence following the abduction of his brother by suspected state agents.

He has often posted controversial pictures of himself standing with various leaders from the ruling party and opposition political parties.

He has been however been sympathetic with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

At one point he staged a one man demonstration against President Mugabe at the Independence day celebrations demanding the release of his brother.

A few weeks ago he together with other political activists got arrested and locked up at remand prison for 8 days on robbery charges after they had been caught at the Africa Unity square where they were protesting.

Posting on his facebook on Saturday , his activism he says has earned him admiration from various political parties, some of which he claims have approached him.

“ Our enemy is just but one- Mugabe and his Zanu PF. I have been approached by over 10 political parties to assume leadership positions but i have found it not appealing to joining any party at this juncture,” said Dzamara.

The activist who is also  PhD holder noted that he would prefer ‘castration’ of the leaders of political parties.

“ It’s mere egoistical confusion and pretence . What is needed is a united opposition. I think it’s time to castrate some of these individuals who lead or are starting these useless parties.


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