South Africa National Broadcaster Hacked


Johannesburg – All websites belonging to the South African National Broadcasting Authority (SABC) were at lunch time this morning hacked and taken offline in the largest DDOS attack on any national broadcaster in Africa. Online hacker activists Anonymous Africa have claimed responsibility.

According to statements issued through the Anonymous Africa Twitter, The SABC is being punished for their decision to censor news reports which paint the country’s ruling party The African National Congress in a bad light.

This comes after the group also hacked and took down the website of the Economic Freedom Fighters at midnight this morning.

At the point of writing, all websites belonging to the SABC, including both television and radio assets were unavailable and down.

This included SAFM, 5FM, and SABC. Thought not related to the SABC, Power FM’s website was also unavailable, amid strong suspicion they were being targeted by Anonymous as well, given their perceived sympathy to the EFF and Julius Malema

Below is a series of tweets from the Anonymous Twitter.


After the build up with the series of tweets, Anonymous Africa took the websites down, starting with SAFM

Anonymous then reiterated that they were censoring SABC for their censorship.

Over an hour later, all SABC assets remain down.


The SABC has responded to the matter.


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