Mugabe Calls For Zim Dollar To Return


Harare –¬†Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe today called for the return of Zimbabwe’s failed currency the Zimbabwe dollar, amid cash shortages and regressing ¬†economy. Addressing executive members of his powerful Central Committee, Mr. Mugabe also warned his war veterans that he would wipe them out en-mass if they continued behaving waywardly.

Zimbabwe is currently suffering stringent effects caused by a damning cash crisis which is the result of several years of bad governance, misrule, and poor policy implementation.

With elections approaching in 2018, Mr. Mugabe’s government is broke, and failing to fund its own campaign, while facing stiff opposition from civil society over failing and ailing standards of living.

Reminiscent of the crisis in 2008 which saw Zimbabwe reach record levels of inflation, and total collapse of state after Mr. Mugabe started printing money to finance his own lavish lifestyle.

The President took time to warn his disgruntled war veterans who have been showing signs of discontent and are angling against his wife taking over.

In the early 1980’s Mugabe’s Zanu PF sponsored the genocide of 30,000 ndebele minorities in the country’s darkest days.

He warned the dissenting voices that he would dismiss them the same way.


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