Prophet Makandiwa Is The Only Solution To Zimbabwe’s Problems


By Panashe Makufa

Harare – Founder of greater life embassy apostle try Immanuel has also spoken about the Zimbabawe crisis on his social media platforms, where he urged Zimbabweans to recognize what they have been blessed with and stop looking south or east for help.

Zimbabwe currently faces massive cash shortages, economic stagnation, regression, hunger and starvation which has seen high profile religious leaders weigh in with their opinions, most notably, Tudor Bismark, Tom Deuschle, and Apostle Vutabwashe.

Apostle try Immanuel posted on Facebook and Instagram that Zimbabwe is suffering in the presence of her deliverer (prophet makandiwa)

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe after everything has been said and done about the Zimbabwe crisis. I have a solution for our situation.

“Unless we allow god to have his way and his say and his hand on our economy, we will continue trying like the disciples in Luke 8 who fought with the water instead of the winds behind the waters.

But for us to also blame the wind it’s wrong. Why have we given Jesus the under chamber to sleep yet he is supposed to be the driver of the boat.

One thing Zimbabwe need to understand is the wind we are fighting against is not afraid of Tsvangirai or Mujuru or anybody else. The devil is not afraid of principles or ideologies or manifestos.

He was created in the realm of spiritual beings. Our wisdom can’t match his. And our strategies can’t match his. Election is not the solution for our crisis. No.

Neither change of laws or presidents nor anything. We don’t need intellectuals or fresh blood. We need god and god alone.

Somebody might say but we have intercessors for Zimbabwe. Let’s be honest. It’s not working. We need god. Prayer is not the evidence of the presence of god.

But prayer allows god to act. But do we continue praying like those who prayed for the release of peter even after peter comes?

Or do we really believe how god answers when we pray? We have been taught to pray but never been taught how to receive. When we pray god graces us. And when grace appears faith takes.

Zimbabwe is not supposed to continue crying. When Israel cried god visited Moses and said l have heard the cry of my people. Go for by you and through you, i will deliver my people.

You don’t fight pharaoh in Egypt like the disciples tried to fight water in the sea. You don’t fight corruption in Zimbabwe the way we have been trying. Just like Israel was baptized unto the red sea Zimbabwe has been baptized with corruption.

But what is corruption. It’s just the face of the wind behind the waters. It’s the devil of our land. And it only hears not the voices of dishes and cups trying to offload it off our boat. But the voice of Jesus.

So who is to blame? It’s not the water. Not the wind. Not even political parties. But the disciples.

Why have we given Jesus an under chamber yet we are on a journey.

When they started their journey Jesus said.

‘mark 4:35, let us pass over unto the other side.’

But watch what follows

Luke 8:23 but as they sailed he fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water, and were in jeopardy.

It even starts by but. How are they sailing and where are they sailing to?

The sea has three sides. The one to lead knows the side he spoke about. But they sailed and he said for me not to be part of their ending. Let me sleep.

The bible tells us the in psalms 121:4 that ‘behold, he that kept Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep’.

He doesn’t sleep but sleep there means he was not allowed to do anything.

But thank god they discovered their error and Zimbabwe it’s time for us to discover our error. If we don’t allow him to be the driver.

Remember there are only two trained and qualified drivers. God and the devil. And both are spirits who use available vessels. The devil knows how drive nation under the seas which is not the other side god intend for us.

When Jesus is allowed to drive. He does it the same way he did with Israel. He raises a prophet. When god visits a nation. He visits a prophet. When a prophet has visited a nation. God has visited that nation.

And when grace appears faith should take. There is one thing that happens when a nation rejects its deliverer. He goes by the spirit of a prophet to the wilderness and Jethro daughters gets delivered from their devil’s china explosions are averted.

British air crash stopped. Zambia xenophobia stopped. But to Israel he will talk about the coming disasters like the offloading of your own prisoners as a sign i know the problem before it happens. (mal 4vs5) how can god show a prophet your problems if he can’t solve them?

He reveals to redeem. The prophet will try to stop an Israelite from fighting an Israelite. Kill one Israelite who was fighting against an Israelite (building in that hard economy) as a sign l came to deal with this.

Prosper and accomplish great things without being involved in corruption as a sign l came to fight against it and take you to a level where it will be possible to do it the clean way.

Zimbabwe god has raised from among us a great prophet. A man sent to silence the principalities of our land. A man sent to take us to our promised land.

If only the church, bishop’s apostles pastors teachers evangelist will speak about our deliverer. With one voice to our leaders. Our land will be healed.

They are a lot of man of god in Zimbabwe but how god is operating with prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is convincing he is our deliverer as a nation. I’m not reducing him to a prophet for Zimbabwe but we can anoint him to be our prophet.

God anoints a prophet to be his prophet but until we anoint him to be our prophet god will not help us through him.

If a prophet tells you something about your nation and that thing comes to pass. Fear that prophet. Revere honour treasure and know he is your answer.

The wisdom of god to run our economy is here. The solution to corruption is here. The blessing for our land to produce is here. The oil to raise back industries is here. Rain is here. Healing is here. Our deliverance is here.

If we are jealousy of prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa we hate ourselves. If we hate him, we are hurting ourselves.
Musanyeperwa havasi munhu. Mwari varipakati pedu. Let’s be, and do our part. God has already done his part.

We have tried the east west south north. It’s time to try Emmanuel Makandiwa the great prophet.” he said.

  • report by Panashe Mukufa



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