The Top 5 Best Dressed Pastors In Africa


The Kingdom of God is synonymous with gold and beauty. The biblical representation of the heavens depicts a sanctuary of insurmountable beauty, untold riches, and vibrancy.

Revelation 21: 11 It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal.

Where there is God, there is style.

Africa is particularly blessed with a number of celebrity preachers who are smart, and dress the part for sure.

In this list we compile the Top 5 Best Dressed Men of God in Africa.


  1. Bishop Alph N Lukau


Pastor Lukau is the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International. He is a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers through different platforms around the world. His dressing style stands out. Often dressed in designer suits, and looking a perfect gentleman, we give him a 6/10 rating on because of his style.

He is young, energetic with an awesome posture that speaks volumes when dressed in the stylish suits specially designed for his taste. The South African Pastor has set his record straight that he is a force to reckon, not just spiritually but also fashion wise.


  1. Prophet Joel Francis Tatu


According to his brief bio, born in Kinshasa, DRC, Prophet Joel Francis Tatu is a composer, singer, speaker, mentor and lover of the Holy Spirit. Joel Francis Tatu prophet is a dynamic and charismatic preacher; these clear and powerful messages have transformed and impacted the lives of thousands of people in the Francophonie.


There’s a lot of power in the way he carries himself and the message he preaches. His wavy hair adds to his personality, His strong, traditional suits, bold power ties, subtle pocket squares and weighty cuff links and his well-maintained body makes him very smart.

His smartness is a strong point. We give him a 7/10 rating that’s for sure.


  1. Pastor Chris Oyakhlome


In every sense of the word, Pastor Chris has definitely got style and much more. It’s a mélange of charisma and deity. More than his dress sense, it’s his presentation of divine truth, the poise and the calm that he exhibits, that makes him so much more stylish.

His handsome look with his message of grace, his charisma, his message, and his humility, all add up to his cool style icon image. His charm and personality is built from inside on what he wears, and it is a part of the whole package, his entire image is directed on perfection and super excellence. Pastor Chris’ personal style is worthy of emulating.

His style is unique, mature and timeless. He is on a niche of his own. For this, we give him a sure 7/10.


  1. Prophet Angel

angelProphet Uebert Angel is a flamboyant Zimbabwean prophet known for preaching the gospel of prosperity as well as having the gift of prophesy. Angel rose to national prominence in 2013 with his controversial but “accurate” miracles, wonders and healing. Angel is also the founder of Spirit Embassy Ministries launched in 2007 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Very few people can match Prophet Angel’s flamboyance, which he demonstrates in his dressing. Never a dull moment, he is always dressed to kill.

In a league of his own, we rate him at 8/10…


  1. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


Popularly called ‘Major 1’ by his followers, he is a Malawian born, but South African based Prophet famously known for his contentious miracles.

Bushiri ‘ s status has abruptly gone up the ladder as he is said to be the youngest man in Africa to acquire three private jets within a period of less than 12 months. Chiseled to villainous perfection, Bushiri always carries a sharp suit with authority.

The man of God dresses with incredible attention to detail and more importantly to suit the occasion from an immaculately tailored Savile Row suit to funky Dior leather trousers to Angello Galasso finest. Bushiri always complements his outfit with tasteful jewellery, from Taguer watches that cost over fifty thousand state dollars to the breguet Marie Antoinette watch that costs over US $400 000.

Undeniably the man of God knows about fashion, dresses with confidence and is never afraid to try a new look. He is what we would call, a Black “James Bond.”

It’s a no contest when it comes to Major 1. We give him the perfect 10/10!

prophet bushiri


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