China Feeding Africans With Human Meat As Tinned Beef


Shanghai – The Republic of China has been accused of deliberately packaging dead human remains in tinned beef cans and selling them at insanely cheap prices to Zimbabweans, South Africans, Zambians, Nigerians, and Kenyans.

This came to light after a Zambian national (name withheld for security reasons) living in China has allegedly advised Zambians and Africans at large to stop buying Chinese corned beef.

She said that she discovered that Chinese beef companies are collecting dead human bodies to pack them in tins as corned beef, add species and send to Africa.

She furthermore urged Africans to shy away from Afro- Asian grocery shops and encouraged people to buy from local shops.

“I discovered it a few weeks ago, when I was invited to an interview in a large beef packing company, however I was later chased away when they discovered that I was from Southern Africa” she said.

‘I don’t know why they do this to Africa, I think it’s all because of the growing population so they don’t have where to bury their dead anymore.”

China currently enjoys extremely cordial relations with African countries who have adopted a look east policy.

The country has however been accused of sending cheap low quality goods to Africa, while reserving the best for the west – which it enjoys good relations with as well.


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