MDC Man Beats Up Zanu PF Dad Over Bond Notes & Corruption, Chases Him From Home


HARARE – A father has approached the civil court seeking a protection order against his son who has become abusive because his dad belongs to the Zanu PF political party.

Daniel Mashayamombe told court that his son, Abisha, hates him so much for being a member of a party which he doesn’t like, adding that he (Abisha) also vowed to make his father’s life miserable.

The court heard that Abisha is in the habit of insulting his elderly father and chasing him out of his own house for supporting the ruling party.

“He (Abisha) is my biological son and I am living in fear because he has threatened me with death on countless occasions,” said Daniel.

He added, “Whenever elections are held he paints MDC signals on my walls yet he knows that I am Zanu PF supporter.”

Court heard Abisha, who is trained in Karate, now uses his experience against his father.

“At one time he wanted to break my neck using his karate skills. He still promises to break my neck,” the father said.

In his response, Abisha said his father was fabricating the allegations.

“I do not know what my farther is talking about, he is actually the one troubling us because he recently married a second wife,” Abisha said.

Abisha also said he was not opposed to the order being granted.

Magistrate, Barbara Mateko, ordered Abisha not to abuse his father in any way.

“I will grant an order that you respect your father –do not insult him, assault him or destroy his property,” Mateko said.


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