Fake H-metro Cameraman Slapped With 30 Day Jail Term


HARARE – A 24-year-old bogus H-Metro photographer, who stole a Cannon camera from a freelance journalist was yesterday fined $100 or spent 30 days in jail. It is alleged that Moses Taguma had given the camera to Washington Chuma of Number 24 Biddulph Road,Cranborne for safekeeping so that he would play snooker.

Chuma pleaded guilty to fraud and theft charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Arnold Maburo, saying he earns a living from moving around, masquerading as an H-Metro photographer.

“I survive on misrepresenting to unsuspecting individuals that I am an H-Metro photographer and that’s how I make business,” he said. Mr Maburo found Chuma guilty of theft and fraud and ordered him to pay $100 fine or go to jail for 30 days.

Allegations are that on May 1 at around 7pm, Chuma was at Jongwe Corner Bar, Hatfield, where he misrepresented to Taguma (32) that he was an H-metro photographer and needed someone to assist him in taking pictures at the bar since there was a musical show.

The court heard that while at the bar, Taguma gave Chuma his Cannon camera for safekeeping while he played snooker. It was alleged that after receiving the camera from Taguma, he allegedly disappeared from the scene.

The disappearance of Chuma prompted Taguma to make a report to the police. The court heard that Chuma was arrested the following day while trying to sell the camera at Africa Unity Square.

  • The Herald


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