President Mugabe’s EXPENSIVE Travel Costs Revealed


This is just a snippet of the staggering costs to Zimbabwe of President Mugabe and his hangers’ on foreign travels. Last year, Zimbabwe lost a case on land at the International Centre for the Settlement of  Investment Disputes. Law expert, Alex Magaisa revealed the figures incurred by the Zimbabwean Government on a single session in 2013. This data was submitted by the Government delegation and published in the
arbitration award.

President Mugabe's Staggering travel costs to Zimbabwe
President Mugabe’s Staggering travel costs to Zimbabwe

“This is just a snippet. Total costs incurred by Zim in this matter were nearly $2 million. Yes, Zimbabwe may have lost the case, but these guys win every time. Their pockets win all the time. These, my friends, are
the costs of poor and unaccountable government. Right now Zimbabwe is relying on food handouts. If you combine the money spent on these regular foreign trips imagine what we could do with it?”


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