You Have Lost Control: An Open Letter To President Robert Mugabe


Your excellency,l write this letter to you in tears and deep pain as a young,caring and concerned youth in his 20s upon realising that things have gone out of control.

Your Excellency, l’m reliably informed that you are an avid reader of national newspapers be they private or public and that you follow every detail including letters like this one from a humble villager ,Wasu from Manica bridge Mutare like me without paying much attention to the person who would have written it.

My issue is about Our Roads Mr President, especially Beitbridge-Harare road .l have used Beit Bridge-Masvingo road and Harare-Chirundu road more often,the situation is desperate and deplorable your Excellency.

As you are aware people are perishing like chickens all the time your Excellency while no action is being taken except assisting the dead with burial assistance.l understand things are not ok in our Country;The economy is in the intensive care unit and almost every aspect of our economy is bleeding due to many factors like sheer Corruption,leadership incompetence and sanctions but Mr President there are other areas that require urgent priority and attention.

The other day My brother who had worked hard in South Africa for some time and bought his car decided to pay his mother a visit in Zim.As he was driving along Beit-Bridge/Masvingo road he was involved in a head-on collision with a truck that was coming from the opposite direction.

He never made it home.His car was crashed beyond repair.We buried him.Personally l escaped death by a whisker last month when l almost collided head on with a bus that had encroached onto my lane.l survived by God’s grace.Others were not so lucky.

Hundred perished.The situation is made worst by stray cattle and stubborn donkeys that don’t move a wink while in the mid of the roads.l don’t want,though, to blame it on our domestic animals.Our roads are bad.pot holes are numerous.

Did you know,your Excellency that your Minister,Hon Kembo Mohadi who is also Beitbridge North Mp uses a Helicopter from Harare to Beitbridge whenever he visits for constituency work,apparently for fear of confrontation with what l have said above, yet he is the one we expect to continually remind you about the issue.

As you also know your excellency,Beit-Bridge-Harare road is the busiest of all the roads in our Country and thus,it contributes a large chuck of revenue in the treasury and it is my humble suggestion that you should put that into consideration.

l heard Local Goverment Minister Hon S.Kasukuwere saying last week that your government is seized with the matter ,the same way you also said on the eve of lndependence celebrations yesterday when you said you had an investor who would pumb US2b in the construction of the roads.Consider Beit-Bridge-Harare as first priority or at least Beit-Bridge -Masvingo which is 300km long.

Thank you your Excellency in advance for reading this letter.l’m hopeful you will make an urgent plan your Excellency.

Your Sincerely

Peter Muchirahondo.

Article first appeared on Peter Muchirahondo Facebook Timeline


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