Residents Fight Over Goblins, Refuse Witch-Hunters To Enter


Touch not the goblins sounding a bit like, “touch not the anointed” — some residents in Cowdray Park declared goblins that have been allegedly terrorising the suburb should stay.

Irked by continuous reports of goblins terrorising the community, Cowdray Park’s Section 18 residents representative Lindiwe Sibanda called a meeting to try and put an end to the mayhem.

The idea of the meeting was to collect money from residents and use it to pay witch-hunters.

But the meeting proved that some in the community were content with cohabiting with the goblins.

cowdray park goblins
cowdray park goblins

Sibanda and other community elders got the shock of their lives when some residents demanded that the goblins be left alone.

“When I was in the middle of addressing the meeting, one man boldly dismissed our idea for the area to be cleansed.

He said he feared the witch-hunters might also destroy some of his goblins which are not a problem to anyone, instead they help him fend for his family because he does not work,” said Sibanda. Another resident stood up to support the request.

“Another man backed him up demanding to know why the goblins should be destroyed. He said it was very hard to survive without these goblins because they had no jobs. He said destroying the goblins would not benefit them in any way,” added Sibanda.

This has made cleansing the neighbourhood impossible.

“I advised other residents who were being tormented by these goblins to find other ways to stop them,” he said.

Councillor Collet Ndlovu said there was nothing he could do to assist residents if they were failing to make a unanimous decision.

“If the residents do not want to unite and come up with a solution to help destroy the problem then we cannot assist them in any way,” said Councillor Ndlovu.

Two weeks ago this publication carried an article in which Cowdray Park residents were subjected to suspected goblins which were throwing stones at several houses every night.

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