After The WizKid No Show, Jamaican Superstar Sets Date For Harare Show


By Panashe Makufa

Harare – The Jamaican “Let Her go” Hitmaker Chris Martin has confirmed Zim visit for the 29th of April night in the Glamis Arena Stadium.

He told Jamaican’s On Stage TV he has scheduled for a tour to the country “I have been to Uganda and this month I will go to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Same promoters, different ending? Wizkid clowns offer Jamaican superstar to Zimbabwean revellrs
Same promoters, different ending? Wizkid clowns offer Jamaican superstar to Zimbabwean revellrs

This time it will be a small travel party because I will be carrying my entire band….”

The Zimbabwean nephew musician will be baked by local musicians such as the Gaffa Title holder (Winky D), Jah Prayza, Lipsy and many more.

According to the statement from the Embassy of Netherlands Chris Martin revealed that his mother comes from Zimbabwe and he loves to be in his mom’s country of origin.

Chris Martin is ZIMBABWEAN
Chris Martin is ZIMBABWEAN

Tickets for the show are now being sold and the musician has promised to bring live band to our soil.

Zimbabwean fans has been persuading him not to miss this long prepared day for anything after a great disappointment from the Nigerian well known Wizkid.

Wizkid painted himself black after causing great loses to the promoters and fans who had financially invested in his trip to Zimbabwe.

Reason for the cancelation of his performance of remained unclear but sources said ‘The Zimbabwean music promoters are planning for programs they cannot deliver to the public and end up harnessing public funds for their benefits’.

Although Larry Kwirirai tried to demystify the fact that they had a plan of masquerading as honest folks and squander public funds the fact remained that Wizkid and his promoters failed to honour the loyal fans who turned up for his show.

Cynthia Mare, Bulawayo’s duo of Cal_Vin and Mzoe 7, Junior Brown and Judgement Yard performed at the show but missed attacks from the angry crowd which damaged stage lights and the electronic screens.

Efforts to postpone the show to another date for the Ojuelegba hit maker has proved unfruitful as the set Sunday 10 April have already passed.

Now the question is if the promoters are same IS CHRIS MARTIN GOING TO MAKE IT FOR THE SHOW?

  • Panashe Mukufa is a Freelance Journalist, and one of The Southern Daily correspondents


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