Makandiwa Prophecy On Deadly Criminals Comes True


In what some have called an answered prayer for the nation of Zimbabwe to have voice or a man who hears from God, this week United Family International Church’s Christ tv released a footage showing Prophet Makandiwa speaking about how the South African government would abruptly slush jail sentences for deadly Zimbabwean criminals and release them from their prisons sending them back to Zimbabwe.

The video which shows that Makandiwa had hinted about the forced amnesty as early as January 2015 first played on Christtv on Saturday 2 April 2016. The man of God is seen in the video giving clarity on the prophecy during a leadership class after he had previously warned the government to set aside money to build a bigger prison to cater for more criminals due to the forced amnesty.

In part the video’s file footage Makandiwa explains how the South African economic downfall would affect its government negatively and that meetings would be done to cut down huge budgets for its departments amongst them its correctional services which Makandiwa then said would result in the immediate release of Zimbabwean prisoners and subsequent deportation to their home country.

In a show of power and ability to hear the voice of God in regards to the future of nations and their activities, Makandiwa’s prophecy which came in three different church services from January to August of 2015 manifested when a meeting was done within the South African government resulting in the decision to deport the Zimbabweans through an amnesty which Makandiwa called a forced one as it had not been done the expected way.

Prophet Makandiwa
Prophet Makandiwa

In the video footage, the man of God is heard asking the government of Zimbabwe to build a prison much bigger than any of all the country’s school boarding facilities. He is then seen on a later day in one of his leaders classes explaining on how prisoners would start to flow from South African prisons to Zimbabwe like a River. He explained everything in his prophecy as he wrote on a white board.

Early March 2016 headlines on a number of news publishers ran a breaking story of over 140 Zimbabwean prisoners that had been released from the South African correctional services all in one day. The publications revealed the unanswered questions on how that number of prisoners would be released in a single day a sign that showed that Makandiwa was correct in calling the whole exercise a forced amnesty.

The UFIC leader then challenged his country’s leadership that he was not guessing but prophesying months prior to the forced amnesty exercise when he is seen in a file footage of one of the days he gave on the prophecy.

A few have questioned the authenticity of Makandiwa’s prophetic office as a lot has been said about him and this could lay to rest any cases raised against the Man of God. Some have cried that Makandiwa should say something to give a direction to Zimbabwe as the country struggles to come out of its crisis but his followers have bemoaned the deaf ears on the government as they claim to have witnessed Makandiwa giving information that would have turned the fortunes around had the officials taken heed of his word.

By last week close to two thousand Zimbabwean prisoners had been forcibly released and deported home by the South African correctional services department. The police national spokes person on Monday the 4th of April gave a statement warning the public to be more cautious as robbery and murder crimes were not at a record high. Again could Makandiwa be an answer and or a man that hears God on behalf of the nation?

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