ZBC Insults Zimbabwe: Puts Tezvara As Kaguvi, Next To Mbuya Nehanda


So, last night, ZBC decided to rewrite history, albeit in a very embarrassing way, when they broadcast an image of the revered spirit medium standing next to the man known popularly as Tezvara, whose social media fame came after images of him attending his daughter’s wedding wearing shorts, excited the fashion police.

The iconic Nehanda picture, as we know it from our days in those boring history classes, also features Sekuru Kaguvi, and not tezvara!

The blooper would not have been that embarrassing had ZBC been doing this on a lighter note, or as a joke.


They were actually serious, with the voice of diplomatic correspondent Judith Makwanya, reporting over the picture, and narrating Zimbabwe’s course of the liberation struggle.

Interestingly though, for many who know how ZBC has become a sort of a Zimbabwe Bloopers Corporation, especially when they present their NothingNews Hour, this was no surprise.

It turned out that social media took it as a joke that ZBC itself has become with its partisan and unprofessional reporting.

The actual Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi image

The actual Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi image

So, for many viewers of ZBC, if their reportage is to be believed, then we can say the images of Nehanda and Kaguvi that we have known all along was wrong.

In fact, according to ZBC, Sekuru Kaguvi wore shorts and shades and history lovers will be disappointed to note that they have been living a lie all along.

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