Ace Lumumba, Setfree Mafukidze & Co… Thieves With No Ideology Of Their Own


By Tinotenda Mhungu

The Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) welcomes the creation of the 1635GC, by the agents of a not so mysterious master, as a deliberate ploy to cut short the many successes recorded by the founding idea as is manifested as YARD.

However, as a movement for the youths, by the youth, we have an obligation to state our stance with regards the creation of the “new youth” movement.

It is a public secret that when a stage is set for revolutionary and idealistic change, there is a precedence of the revolution being stolen from the people, a scenario which occured in 1980, where the revolution was stolen and again in 2003, when the students movement was hijacked.

This precedence has attempted to confront YARD, after being faced with misgivings about the state of YARD. As YARD, however, we would like to immediately register our reservations concerning 1635GC.

The creation and operation of organisations is respected by YARD, as the Zimbabwean constitution is clear on the freedom and right of associations and the freedoms of expression, however, when a cyber structure is created with no historical materialism, no vision and no ideological substance, it has to be stopped as it becomes a threat to the Youths, present and in the future, whose survival and future we have vowed to protect.

The not so clandestine efforts by ageist elements in political parties to cage the youths through the 1635GC can never be taken lightly.

Of note is the apparent use of the YARD ideology on the face of 1635GC, which clearly shows that indeed the detractors of the youths’ political, social, economic and academic emancipation have been shocked by the power of YARD, and the overwhelming acceptance of the idea whose time has come.

As a result, they have created a zombified and renamed creation of YARD, which focusses on social media and not on ground coverage and realistic mass movements, all in a wayward attempt to divert the attention of the youths from the real problems, and the sole solution to these problems.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and this facebook movement is a testament of the manner in which the ageists appreciate the power and organisation of YARD as a panacea to the globalised crisis of corruption, bullying and kleptocracy in the public sector.

Through YARD, a voice for the youth has been established and has become audible on policy issues.

The articulation of issues and government policies through YARD has indirectly advised Government and the public on the course to follow in nation building. We continue to engage in diverse research and the articulation of real substantial issues as we carve a future for Zimbabwe.

Emancipation of the youth can only come when the 65% (sixty-five percent) majority of the youth is mirrored via the same majority being shown on the voters roll, as this would translate into a composition of elective officials in political office.

YARD has established structures in more than 80% (eighty percent) of the country’s Districts and Wards across the country, with overwhelming acceptance.

It is unfortunate that the same can never be said about the 1635GC, which has been lambasted by the generality of the youths who are priveged to be on social media in this unfortunately exclusionist and exclusive setup in Zimbabwe.

The youths have already shown understanding of the need for unity of purpose and generational togetherness in our diversity.

As a result, let it be known that the youth pressure can never be challenged by persons as even the detractors have started to buy in on the YARD psychosis.

We would like also to reassure the members of YARD, and on a broader level, the society in Zimbabwe, that the journey towards real reform and the inclusive democratisation of the political position in Zimbabwe, is more powerful than any persons.

The journey goes on unabated.

Tinotenda Mhungu is  The YARD National Committee Member for Information and Publicity


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