MP To Sue President Mugabe


MP James Maridadi says he is going to sue President Mugabe over the missing $15 billion.

“It is not normal for a citizenry to remain quiet when the President has admitted that $15 billion vanished from diamond sales,” he told a feedback meeting in Mabvuku. Maridadi urged the country to rally behind him in the court action.

“Service delivery is collapsing, civil servants have not been paid their bonuses, and local authorities are crumbling. Where is the $15 billion that could be helping the councils to repair roads?” he asked.

Maridadi also said legislators, who borrowed money from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, should be made to pay back the loans.

James Maridadi
James Maridadi

“They have to repay the money they owe the RBZ, before they are allowed to vote in Parliament when discussions on the RBZ Debt Assumption Bill took place,” he said.

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