Mugabe Only Leader Chosen By GOD! – Moyo


Women’s league deputy secretary and politburo member, Eunice Sandi Moyo, says President Robert Mugabe is still alive because God knows he is capable of guiding this country even at his advanced age.

Addressing thousands of Zion Apostolic Faith Mission Church (ZAFMC) members at their Museva shrine in Chivi on Saturday, Sandi Moyo who was the guest of honour, said while other nationalist leaders are long gone Mugabe is still plodding on even at the advanced age of 92 because of God’s calling.

“President Mugabe is the only leader that God chose for us. Some of the leaders are dead, but he is still alive because God knows that he is capable of guiding this country.

“The Lord is saying, ‘Mugabe is still with us. People are now targeting his wife Grace, yet she is the image of the first family,” Sandi Moyo said.

Officially opening ZAFMC shrine in Chivi that was built by Chivi Rural District Council chair Killer Zivhu, Sandi Moyo said the nation needed people who give back to the community.

Sandi Moyo called on the church to be campaigners and advocates for a strong Zimbabwe led by Mugabe.

Speaking at the same function Zivhu said he was touched by the plight of the church, which is in his rural backyard, after he saw them fellowshipping in the open.


“The Lord says, love thy neighbour. So I saw it fit to help with about 400 bags of cement as well as completing, painting and sprucing up their church, which had taken long for them to complete. It is our responsibility as politicians to chip in whenever we can,” he said.

Speaking at the same function, ZAFMC bishop, Ezra Shoko said the church is inseparable from politics.

“The church has a relationship with politicians, and the Bible confirms it. We are believers in a country with leaders ordained by God.

“We should respect the rulers and put ourselves under the leaders.

“If we fail to put ourselves under our leaders, we defy God. We hope you will continue supporting us,” he said.

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