Pastor Heals ‘Old Crooked Lady’, Makes Her Straight Again


By Panashe Makufa

Harare – A charismatic Zimbabwean Apostle of Greaterlife Embassy Apostle Try Immanuel is performing miracles which have left people out of words.

After making noise in the social media these last few weeks for resurrecting the dead and healing chronic diseases he has also appeared this week healing a crooked lady.


What seemed to him as simple appeared to the public as unacceptable. He miraculously healed an old crooked lady who couldn’t stand up straight nor touch her toes.

From the video released the lady is seen in the prayer line with a placard written her prayer requests. She had written back pain, chest pain, and leg pain and heart problem.

She came with tremendous pain in her whole body, but after the Apostle ministered healing to her by laying his hands and pouring anointing oil on her hands to anoint herself on the chest.

She received her healing instantly and started to dance. According to health experts it was out of their medical boundaries because it is old people develop ageing health problems like back pains, osteoporosis, diabetes, respiratory problems etc.

And for conditions like crooked backs it has been proven to be dangerous and expensive for one’s back to be made straight through medical operation.

As she demonstrated how she used to walk before receiving her miracle, she began to rebuke people who criticise Man of God saying through such a one she received her own testimony.

According to a source inside it is said that he has been doing many miracles which have not yet been released to the public on his healing, prophetic and deliverance sessions dubbed ISC (Interdenominational Spiritual Clinic).

Although many questions has been raised on these one on one sessions results has proven something different.


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