Video: Zim Apostle Heals Mental Patient


By Panashe Makufa

Harare – Greaterlife Embassy leader Apostle Try Immanuel in this past week confounded the sceptics on his mind-blowing miracles which raised interest within the anonymous fellows in the press and the social media. Shockingly this week on his YouTube account he added a video on which he had miraculously healed a mentally disturbed man and two old ladies.

Greaterlife Embassy leader Apostle Try Immanuel
Greaterlife Embassy leader Apostle Try Immanuel

A Beatrice mad man well known as Pedzisai Haurovi who has been mentally disturbed for years was miraculously healed by the Apostle on his healing program dubbed ISC (Interdenominational Spiritual Clinic) in Beatrice on the 20th of February this year.

According to research it is said people with this challenge are in the state of significant behavioural or psychological syndrome characterized by distressing symptoms, significant impairment of functioning, or significantly increased risk of death, pain, or other disabilities.

This was proven to be fibs when the Apostle of God laid his hands upon him. He had an aggressive and stereotyped behaviour which led him to be isolated and sometimes cuffed. His mother wanted to bring him to the site where the man of God was ministering with help of other two neighbourhood man but failed to tame him.
Her mother who had uncontrollable pain on her leg and her whole body came limping and the man of God was moved with compassion and ministered to her. Instantly she got healed and began to run joyfully as evidence of the absence of pain from off her body.

After she saw what God can do she requested the man of God to pray for Pedzisai in his absence. It seemed to be illogical to Beatrice residents when she said it, but the Apostle declared that he be released from the cage was is in .

He sent a car to pick him and shockingly they found him calm and he entered the car on his own accord. In the video shown on YouTube he is seen walking un-cuffed, calm and interactive. The Apostle laid his hand upon him and automatically he recovered his memory and began to speak sensibly.

He started to identify her relatives and her own daughter, even asked about the whereabouts of his wife who left him because of his lunatic condition. Pedzisai completely recovered and is seen at the all night prayer.
As if it’s not enough her mother’s sister also had a problem with her left ear for three years and was instantly healed after her faith was raised when she saw the testimony of Pedzisai and her mother. The Apostle of God left Beatrice residents astonished. It is evident in proclamation that God is using this man.

Watch Video Below:


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