Wife Snatcher Dies Mysteriously After Getting ‘Axed’ By A Tree


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 Shuvai Nyenyai
Shuvai Nyenyai

A MAN from Chukela village in Masvingo who snatched his brother’s wife died after being axed by a tree.

Yes, axed!

The now deceased Felani Rusvimiso reportedly died after telling his wife Shuvai Nyenyai (ABOVE) that the tree which he was trying to cut down turned on him and axed him on the back of his neck.

He reportedly asked his wife to kneel down so they could pray as he was about to die. After asking for God’s forgiveness, he passed away.

The incident left tongues wagging in the village as it is associated with supernatural powers and leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

It is reported that Felani snatched Fumani Rusvimiso’s wife and they moved to stay in another village leaving him alone.

Since the fateful day, the two brothers became enemies.

Fumani had three children with his wife, but they were all taken away as the brother declared that he was going to take care of the wife and children and did not want his help.

Shuvai revealed she was still in a dilemma.

“I still cannot believe he is gone. I had just come from work when he told me that he had witnessed a strange incident in the bush.

“He returned from fetching firewood because he had seen trees moving like people. That is what he told me.

“In the afternoon, he then asked me to accompany him to the bush because he had decided to cut the tree which had frightened him in the morning,” she said.

They went straight to the mysterious tree. When Felani hatched a plan on how to cut it down, Shuvai gathered firewood.

A few minutes later, she heard him screaming for help and she rushed to witness what had happened.

“I found him lying down saying the tree had axed him on the back of his neck. He then told me he was about to die and therefore needed us to pray before his death.

“He asked for God’s forgiveness for his way to be opened. Thereafter, bubbles started coming out of his mouth, followed by blood from both mouth and nose,” said the sobbing Nyenyai.

Surprisingly, it is said there was no wound on Felani’s neck.

She then alerted villagers about the incident and Felani was confirmed dead.

The deceased’s mother-in-law Salina Nyuwani said Felani’s death shocked the entire village.

“I have never heard of such and only God knows what happened to him. When he returned from the bush, he said he had failed to do what he wanted to do after seeing a strange incident where trees were moving.

“I do not know why he decided to return and cut down the tree. That is where he met his fate,” said Gogo Nyuwani.

His brother Fumani did not show grief.

“It is painful that my own brother snatched away my wife and children.

“I tried a number of times to reason with him, but he never took my advice. I even demanded compensation, but he refused to pay despite having wronged me.

“He never listened and now check he was axed by a tree and that might have been punishment for what he did to me.”

He said that when the family heard of his death, they took the body and buried it at their homestead.

Unfortunately the Rusvimo family failed to solve the issue when Felani was still alive as they got divided with some saying it was a free world and the woman could do whatever she wanted.

Village head Esaviour Hlongwane said it was his first time to witness such an incident.

“I cannot explain the incident because in my entire life I have never heard of such. In the bush, people can cut down any tree.”

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