Put Mugabe, Wife As Your Whatsapp Profile Picture Or Else! – Zanu PF Orders All


An unnamed Zanu PF official has caused a stir after video footage emerged of him ordering Zimbabweans and members of Zanu PF to remove their Whatsapp Profile Picture and replace it with a picture of Robert Mugabe and his wife.

Mugabe and Wife
Make Mugabe and Wife your profile picture now! That is an order! – Those are the sentiments of Zanu PF Youth Leaders

The video widely believed to have been shot at a provincial meeting where factional wars were being discussed has once again brought ‘human worshiping’ and partisan politics to the forefront of Zanu PF.

The party and country is presently embattled and bedeviled by brutal factional wars and infighting, as Mugabe’s trusted lieutenants all battle for the grand prize of taking over from the nonagenarian once he dies.

Mugabe who turned 92 barely 2 weeks ago has brushed aside all talk of succession insisting that there was no vacancy for the hot seat of president, as he was alive.

The video will however have brought shivers all around the country which has struggled under Mugabe’s brutal regime for nearly 36 years.

Barely a decade ago, the then Minister in charge of Mugabe’s feared secret police, the CIO, Didymus Mutasa boasted that their secret service was so sophisticated it could monitor what people do in their bedrooms.

In the video, the youth leader demands that everyone who loves the Zanu PF party must love Mugabe, his wife, and all his children, whom he names one by one.

The leader makes it clear that those who do not abide will be considered as rebels and would face big consequences, and most likely the boot.

The message appears to have been engineered by people in a faction that is loyal to the country’s first lady, Dr Grace Mugabe.

Grace Mugabe appears to be the wanton favourite and Mugabe’s personal choice to succeed him, although she is widely unpopular and Zimbabweans generally perceive her as a political joke.

Sources close to Zanu PF have revealed that she faces stiff unpopularity even within the party, and that may perhaps explain why her few supporters are keen to force loyalty and allegiance by insisting that members put her on their profile pictures.

You can watch the video below


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