92kg Cake, 50 Cows But Many Go Hungry


THOUSANDS of people attended President Robert Mugabe’s birthday celebrations at Great Zimbabwe over the weekend but many went home hungry while the lucky ones had to make do with portions of sour milk and yogurt donated by the First Family.

 President Robert Mugabe’s birthday celebrations at Great Zimbabw
President Robert Mugabe’s birthday celebrations

Supporters also had to foot it back home after the buses which hired to ferry them to the event reportedly failed to turn up for the return journey.

Mugabe cut a cake weighing 92 kilograms while 50 cattle were slaughtered but the food was not enough for the 50,000 people claimed turned up for the party.

At one point, police dogs were unleashed as some in the crowd dashed towards the tent housing the President’s giant cake.

One man fleeing the menacing hounds fell to the ground while holding a piece of the cake which, somehow, remained intact much to the amusement of other party supporters.

Officials claimed that 50 cattle were slaughtered for the event but many among the gathered hordes said they failed get any food.

Chaos soon ensued as the as disgruntlement supporters vented their frustrations with ministers such as Sydney Sekeramayi almost getting knocked over in the melee.

After the party, some supporters reportedly walked several kilometres back into Masvingo city centre after buses that had ferried them to the Great Zimbabwe monuments failed to turn up to take them back.

Mugabe’s birthday parties, an annual indulgence for the ruling Zanu PF party, have often been marred by looting blamed on government workers responsible for organising events.

Last year, a government vehicle laden with loot from the Victoria Falls bash was involved in an accident in Nyamandlovu area along the Victoria Falls-Bulawayo road exposing large quantities of beef and chicken which were supposed to have been served to supporters.

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