Opposition Parties Fume Over Diamond Mines Closure


Zim opposition parties fume over Diamond mine closure

illegal diamond miners sift through the diamond fields after government shut down operations of companies
illegal diamond miners sift through the diamond fields after government shut down operations of companies

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Zimbabwean political parties have raised their grievances over the closure of diamond mines in the country saying it was now clear that the ruling party had failed.

The Minister of Mines and Mining developments this week made an announcement that the government should with immediate effect stop mining operations.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by former Finance Minister Tendai Biti noted that the government has not benefited from the gem.

“While it is common cause that the companies operating in Marange have been responsible for large scale looting of our national resources and thus depriving Zimbabweans of the much needed resources for development, they did so with the express blessing of the same government which today is crying foul” said the party’s spokesperson Jacob Mafume.

The party noted that the government had failed to make use of the precious resource.

“Since 2009, the nine companies operating in the Marange diamond fields have been exporting diamonds collectively worth US$2 billion annually but the government which had 50% stake in these firms ironically received less than US$300 million in revenue. This is criminal and unacceptable” he said.

The spokesperson of the MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube, Kurai Chihwai also agreed with PDP saying they were not convinced of the explanation given by Zanu PF on the closure of mines.

“We are not convinced by the explanations given by ZANU PF sharks. The Zanu PF crooks should provide figures instead of closing down mines and pretend to be smart when they actually presided over the looting of our diamonds” he said.

Chihwai said they wanted the statistics on how the diamond money was used.

“We are demanding facts and stock figures from the Zanu PF sharks. What is crystal clear is that they have an evil intention to loot the germs to fund their violent electoral campaigns. The money is likely to fund factional fights that are likely to send Zanu PF to the grave yard. The closure of these mines will open a can of worms” he said.

The Renewal for Democrats in Zimbabwe (RDZ) spokesperson Pishai Muchaurya said the closure of diamonds was a sign of Zanu PF’s looting process.

“We think it has nothing to do with coming up with sound mining systems but a way of trying to cause confusion and loot in the process. We are worried about the locals who were displaced by those companies without full compensation. It means they are going to lose completely” he said.

Muchauya noted that Zanu PF could not be trusted and factional politics were at play in the mining saga.

“Zanu PF can never be trusted. Some mining concessions were given to war vets in the security forces and it could be a way of shifting the pursue from the establishment to the G40” he said.

The Mangoma led Spokesperson noted that members of the security services could be dragged into the current saga since they are allegedly linked to Mnangagwa, hence taking them would benefit G40.

“This might leave such guys as Chiwenga, Chihuri economically vulnerable as they not only lose out on the diamond output but face personal litigations from creditors and former employees. Such a scenario will only live and survive at the mercy of Mugabe. Very soon new companies would awarded some mining licences.”


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