Tsvangirai Confirms Pics Rumour!


Opposition MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has confirmed the authenticity of pictures of him cavorting with a group of skimpily dressed women whom he said were his party supporters. The pictures caused a storm when they appeared on social media on Tuesday and Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, party spokesman Mr Obert Gutu and other MDC-T functionaries tried to play down the pictures as photo-shopped.

Tsvangirai confirms pics are genuine
Tsvangirai confirms pics are genuine

But yesterday Mr Tsvangirai confirmed on micro-blogging site Twitter that the pictures were genuine and he had taken pictures with supporters in Gweru where he had gone for a rally over the weekend.

In a four-point defence, Mr Tsvangirai wrote:
“1/4 Wherever I go in Zimbabwe, supporters ask to have photos taken with me and I have no reason to deny them a photo with their president.

“2/4 I had photos taken with a lot of people in Gweru over the weekend including a group of ladies coming from our meeting.

“3/4 I have done that on so many occasions & I don’t know why with 1000s of photos of myself with supporters, this could be called a scandal

“4/4 They should rather be focusing on the NATIONAL PICTURE of despondency, suffering and a crisis facing the people.”

But the former trade unionist, who is not new to controversies involving women, drew fire for his apparent lack of discretion as people took to The Herald website and social media slating him for being captured in the compromising photos.

One JZ said: “This is a picture showing a former prime minister in the company of inappropriately dressed women. These women are dressed in a manner to reveal their bodies . . . Perhaps should we infer that our politics has become a bunga bunga game where big men who are supposed to be drafting decent national policy gather up around benches for a groupie photo with calendar girls..kkkk Beware of indulgence, it is the root of corruption.”

Collin Mackenzie said: “It’s a pity how people try to run away from the truth . . . Please stop blaming Zanu-PF or politics, blame Morgan for misleading the Zimbabwean people. Shame on his spokesman, ‘Zanu-PF this and Zanu-PF that Shut up, the truth is there for to see. Shut up.”

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