10 Year Old Boy Kidnapped After Mom Fails To Pay Debt


CHIPINGE: A local woman reportedly kidnapped and detained a 10-year-old boy after his mother failed to pay a $200 debt.

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file photo

Chipinge District Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Blessing Kadzuraumera confirmed the incident.

He said police have since arrested Mavhu Gwetu, 62, of Gandandlovu Village under Chief Musikavanhu in Chipinge for unlawful detention and kidnapping.

Kadzuraumera said Gwetu kidnapped the minor (name withheld) over the $200 which was borrowed by his mother.

It is reported that sometime in October last year, Rena Timba, borrowed $200 from Gwetu and promised to pay back after a week but she failed to honour the pledge.

In February this year at around 2200hrs, Gwetu approached Timba at her homestead and demanded her dues.


Timba was reportedly sitting in her kitchen hut together with her son. She allegedly told Gwetu that she did not have the money but promised to pay later.

A misunderstanding then arose and Gwetu grabbed the 10-year-old minor and left the homestead.

She detained the child in her bedroom and locked the door from outside to force Timba to pay back.

The minor was later rescued by on February 12 after the mother reported the matter at Chipinge Rural police station.

“People are encouraged to solve their disputes amicably and not to take law into their hands, said Kadzuraumera, adding, “The courts are there to solve such disputes”.

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