Two Drunk Women In Trouble After Stealing Whiskey


TWO women were arrested after they stole bottles of whiskey from Pick ‘n’ Pay Supermarket located at corner Sam Nujoma Street and Jason Moyo Avenue in the capital.

Two beer loving women in trouble after stealing whiskey from Pick ‘n’ Pay
Two beer loving women in trouble after stealing whiskey from Pick ‘n’ Pay

Portia Rumaneso and Roselyn Chakanetsa appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court charged with theft.The two admitted to stealing bottles of Gold Blend Whiskey and Amarula when they appeared before magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta.

It is said that sometime in February the two separately entered the supermarket.The court heard that Portia went to the shelves and picked a bottle of Amarula and another one of Gold Blend Whiskey and placed them in her jacket.

She then walked out of the supermarket without paying.

Portia was then spotted out of the shop on the CCTV but the officials failed to apprehend her on the day in question.She later returned to the same shop on February 5 with intention to pursue her thieving business.

Portia entered the shop and stashed some bottles of whiskey in her jacket and attempted to walk out without paying.
She was spotted on CCTV and was apprehended.

Her ‘partner in crime’ Roselyn Chakanetsa also stole some two bottles of Amarula and stashed them in her jacket.She was also spotted on CCTV.The two were arrested and taken to court where they were separately charged.

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