Man Who Returned From The Dead Says God Is A Black Woman


A 46 year old Ghanaian man who was declared dead, only to come back to life a few days later has claimed that he was taken to heaven where he met God, and claims that God is actually not a man as generally believed.

Funeral Procession in Ghana
Funeral Procession in Ghana

Owusu Asiedu describes the deity he met in his divine encounter as a black woman.

Online news website reported that Asiedu died in his sleep and risen back to life after hours of cries by his family member, but miraculously resurrected as family family members prepared to bury him in Obuasi, Ghana.

A week Asiedu is said to have taken some time to recover, before deciding to share what he termed a ‘divne encounter. Recounting his experience, the ma claimed to have ascended to heaven, where claims to have seen angles, and met with God.

He claimed God is a beautiful black woman with a short natural hair.

Asiedu also claimed that God allowed him to come to earth because of his 2 children who need to be taken care of.

God also told him to warn the whole of the earth to repent, as ‘she’ would be destroying the world very soon.

Asiedu claimed he did not see Jesus but he heard several voices singing in one big room as at the time he was in heaven, talking with God.

No other major news agencies have reported the same story.

The Southern Daily contacts in Ghana have said the report is likely satirical, as they are unable to find contacts for Asiedu, his family, or close relatives. They also stated that all people from the Obausi village in Ghana whom they have interviewed and enquired with have said they were unaware of the story.


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