5 Pastors Arrested For Digging Up Grave In Search Of Hidden Treasure That God Showed Them In The Dream


POLICE in Masvingo have arrested five men caught digging up a grave in Chivi in search of a hidden treasure reportedly revealed to them in a dream by Jesus. The five are pastors and members of an apostolic sect.

Hunting for treasure
Hunting for treasure

They were apprehended in the Museva area by villagers.

The five have been identified as Tazviona Hove (35), Edward Siziba (age not given) of Lerato Business Centre in Silobela, Innocent Mpofu (23) of Mafongosi village in Silobela, Claudious Mufudza (61) of Senga suburb in Gweru and Farai Madzivire (24) of Madyira village under Chief Nyajena in Masvingo South.

The villagers handed them over to police at Ngundu Growth Point.

They were in possession of charms.

The five are expected to appear in court soon to answer to charges of violating a grave.

The five first claimed God had showed them treasures he wanted them to inherit, and told them he would send their late grandfather as an angel to dispense more details.

On site, they claimed they were following instructions from their late grandfather.

They further claimed the grandfather spoke to them through a dream directing them “to recover a hidden treasure in the grave”.

The grave belongs to their grandfather, Madzivire Madzivire, who died in 1998.

The five claimed their grandfather instructed them to recover coins and gold nuggets near his grave.


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