ZANU PF Finally Crumbles To Pieces


Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti has predicted that the country’s ruling party Zanu PF will go the same way as what happened to KANU of Kenya, UNIP of Zambia and legendary Nkwameh Nkhrumah’s CCP party if the current events are anything to go by.

Zanu PF's patronage system and one center of power has killed the party
Zanu PF’s patronage system and one center of power has killed the party

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Kenya African National Union (KANU) fell after having been in power 40 years and failure to bring leadership change whilst in Zambia United National Independence Party (UNIP) fell when its leader Kenneth Kaunda also failed to provide leadership renewal to the party resulting in it losing the President.

In Ghana Nkrumah’s Convention People Party (CPP) fell after Nkrumah was involved in corruption allegations, failure by Nkrumah to accept leadership renewal and failure to tolerate opposition parties by brutally crushing them.

The ruling party is currently embroiled in a succession battle that has seen ZANU PF factions pitting each other in a bid to succeed the old and frail President Robert Mugabe who has been in power for 36 years.

The nasty fights which have seen the verbal fights between top Zanu PF officials and most of those who are angling to succeed Mugabe have seen the recent clash of war veterans and police.

Speaking at a public discussion in Harare, the former Finance Minister has however, noted that the country was heading towards the same direction because of what he called ‘tired nationalism’.

“This is a critical juncture in our history because 36 years of independence is proving one truth, one theory correct, that nationalism particularly nationalism that does not evolve gets exhausted, gets tired and when it gets tired and fails to adapt to change, fails to transform itself, fails to evolves itself it dies a natural death” said Biti who is the leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP.)

The prominent Harare lawyer also noted that contrary to what some analysts have said that Zanu is experiencing a cleansing moment, it was in fact ‘dying a natural death’.

“This death is not a revolution. This death comes in stages. What we are seeing in Zanu PF right now and in the nation state is a state of decay, a state of decomposition in the ruling Zanu PF. Precisely because the ruling national party has failed to adapt, has failed to revolve and changed” he said.

Biti said that it was high time Zanu PF followed fellow nationalists parties to the grave.

“And these nationalists parties die. That is why we do not have UNIP as I am speaking right now. It failed to evolve and adapt it died a natural death. That’s why we don’t have KANU. We don’t have the party of President Nkrumah in Ghana because of this issue of failing to evolve and adapt” he emphasized.

Biti noted that the ruling party was now in state of decay and they was no going back on it turning to be a once formidable force.

“What we are seeing in Zanu Pf is a state of decay, a state of decomposition in the ruling ZANU PF precisely because the ruling nationalist party has failed to adapt, has failed to evolve, adapt

“What we are seeing in Zanu PF is a state of decay, a state of decomposition. It is because they have failed to evolve and adapt. That’s why we don’t have UNIP, KANU, That’s why we don’t have Nkrumah party in Ghana” he said

Present at the discussion was the former ZANU PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo who once again apologise to Zimbabwean for chosing Mugabe to replace Herbert Chitepo as Zanu leader in 1977.


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